Why Are Women Leaving Science Careers?

Generations of women struggled for the right to pursue careers in science and technology. yet today nearly half the women scientists in Europe and the Americas leave their careers. The difference in numbers between men and women who advance and persist in their fields cannot be attributed to race, ethnicity, or social group. The dire consequences of this loss may become more acute as the number of women entering science careers increases. Since the 1 990s, more women than men have enrolled in college, earned higher grades, and majored in science or technology fields…

Learning Styles

There are three basic types of classroom learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. These learning styles describe the most common ways that people learn. Individuals tend to instinctively prefer one style over the others; thus each person has a learning style that is dorninant even though he or she may also rely somewhat on the other approaches at different times and in different circumstances.

Visual learners prefer to sit somewhere in the classroom where no obstructions hinder their view of the lesson. They rely on the teacher’s facial expressions and body language to aid their learning. They learn…

What Makes a Small Business Successful?

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) defines small businesses as those employing fewer than 500 employees, and many are much smaller than that. In the United States, about a third of small businesses employ fewer than twenty employees. Many thousands of new small businesses are started every year, but few survive. In fact, according to the SBA, one in three fails during the first two years, and only one in two survives beyond five years.

People start small businesses for a variety of reasons, but whatever the particular motivation. certain characteristics make a small…

Англиас- Монгол руу орчуулахад анхаарах зарим зүйлс:

Гадаад үг нэршил алив хэлэнд нэвтрэн нийтэд хүлээн авагдах нь ердөө ч гамшиг биш. Харин хэлээр дамжин харь логик орж ирэх нь хэлний үг өгүүлбэр, найруулга, логикийн гутаадаг. Хэл болгон өөрийн логиктой. Үүнийг этнолингивистик, социолингивистик зэрэг ухаан судладаг. Бид “бороо орж байна” гэж ярьдаг нь тооноор ороод ирдэгтэй холбоотой болов уу. Оросууд болохоор “бороо явж байна” гэдэг нь цонхоор тэгэж харагддаг байх. Гэтэл вьетнамчууд “бороо урсаж байна” гэдэг нь үерээс сэргийлсэн өндөр хөлтэй байшингийнх нь доогуур урсаж буй нь шалны зайгаар харагддагаас болдог гэлцэх. Орос хэлэнд “чёрт” гэх хараал бий, үүнийгээ бачимдсан үедээ…

Educating the Gifted

What is a gifted child? There are different ways to define this term. It may refer to special talents in the arts or to a high level of academic abilities. A child may be gifted in one specific area, such as music, or have talents in many areas. According to the U.S. National Association for Gifted Children, a gifted child shows an exceptional level of performance” in one or more areas. In general usage, giftedness includes high levels of cognitive ability, motivation, inquisitiveness, creativity, and leadership. …

Thomas Edison is generally credited with the invention of the light-bulb. In fact. He was just one inventor among many involved in the process of moving the concept of incandescent light from inspiration to marketable reality. What he actually invented in 1879 was a carbon filament that lasted for forty hours. In 1880, he improved his idea, producing a filament derived from bamboo that burned for 1,200 hours.

The first person to successfully produce light with electricity was Humphry Davy, who connected a carbon filament to a battery in 1809.Other inventors worked on refinements of this idea. In 1835, James…

Хичээл 1

Present simple tense — Энгийн одоо цаг

Энгийн одоо цаг — нэрнээсээ эхлээд бүх зүйл энгийн. Ер нь аливаа цагийг үзэхдээ 2 үндсэн зүйлийг анхаарах хэрэгтэй. Үүнд:

1-рт ямар нөхцөлд хэрэглэх
2-рт өгүүлбэрт үйл үгийн бүтэц ямар байх ба тухайн үзэж байгаа цаг эх хэлэнд минь ямар хэлбэрээр буух

Энгийн одоо цагийг хэрэглэдэг хэдхэн тохиолдол байдаг:

- Давтагдан үйлдэж байгаа үйлийг энэ цагаар илэрхийлдэг.

I get up early in the morning — Би өглөө эрт босдог
Dorj works in a shop — Дорж дэлгүүрт ажилладаг
Bat sells newspapers — Бат сонин зардаг
Tulga goes to school by…

The last song (Titanic)

Part one

Wallace Hartley settled into his bunk on the Titanic. Wallace was the band leader of the Titanic’s eight piece of orchestra. He was in the second-class passenger rooms, just above the library. He lived in a room with Roger Bricoux, a twenty years old French cellist. It was amazing to Wallace how energetic Roger was: the Frenchman never shut up about his time studying in Italy, or his pervious voyages.

Just now, Roger was talking in heavily-accented English about a woman he had seen in the second class diner. …

The Divided City

Part one

People thought it was impossible. The Russians, under the leadership of Nikolai Krushev, had decided to build a wall through the city of Berlin. It seemed like an impossible task. How could they build a forty-three kilometer wall through a sprawling European city? Berlin had stood for eight hundred years. Families lived on the east and the west side. The people did not want the wall, but they did not have a choice.

Early in the morning on August 13th, 1961, the Russian military began building the wall that would divide the city. They moved…


Thomas Edison is famous for having said: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”.

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